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Think of all the the aspects involved in delivering an exhibition stand. Designers, manufacturers, suppliers, event organisers, marketers....It can be a daunting list and represents a logistic minefield for your business. Our team of dedicated Project Managers relish the challenge of delivering a successful build, on time and within budget.

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Working as your exhibition partner, our Project Management team has an extensive network of international industry contacts, enabling Creative Global to take concept into reality within hundreds of different trade shows and international exhibitions across the world.

Whether you're exhibiting in London or Las Vegas, we'll be alongside you every step of the way, supporting your business and exceeding your event expectations, the Creative Global way.

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In the run up to your exhibition, our Project Managers will be onsite, ensuring a smooth installation and organising all of the relevant teams. Nothing is worse than arriving at a trade show to find a last minute issue that can't be fixed.


With Creative Global this headache becomes an irrelevance, leaving you stress free and fully prepared to wow your prospective customers during the event.

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